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  • Annand Sharma

Our 2022 Newsletter Resolutions

First and foremost, the EBH team wants to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022. In this month’s edition we’re going to avoid constant reminders of the unprecedented changes in the world over the last few years. It’s kind of like that second beep from the microwave letting you know the food is warm. We all know and feel it, just give us time to process it, please. Instead, let’s take inspiration from Coach Lasso and choose to focus on the fact that we’re still here, we can still work hard. And the harder we work the luckier we’ll get.

When we started our regular newsletter last year we wanted it to reflect the mission of our company. Our goal is to make technology approachable and useful to you and your business. To do so we aim to create content that is most importantly, enjoyable to read, but also cuts through marketing jargon and B.S. to provide you the relevant insights you need. Our first step on that path was to give our readers bite sized peeks inside modern business tools and the software companies building those tools. These companies are not just building the tools of the future, but they are changing the way that work, and business, is done for everyone.

Our 2021 editions of the newsletter began setting the table from web presence to cybersecurity to AI. We brought it all together with no code tools and API’s to define your modern business engine. Now it’s time to look forward and see how the new tools and developments can make a difference to your business.

This brings us to our 2022 Newsletter Resolutions. First and foremost we’ll continue to publish monthly letters highlighting key technologies, companies, and/or trends that we think are relevant to business owners and operators.

Next, we want to share even more interesting and relevant points of view with you. Through the course of our work, we are privileged to meet with a lot of people who are on the leading edge of new technology and novel applications of technology. We find a lot of value in having conversations and sharing those amongst our team. We want to share that with you. Long time readers know that we used to attach a topical Q&A to the newsletter. Recently we split our Q&A out of the newsletter. We did that so we can share any great conversation with you. Going forward you can expect wider ranging Q&A’s with more people in more industries.

You’ll know from our newsletter that technology is constantly evolving – the beat of progress continuously marches on. No matter the pomp and flair, if it has real applications to business, you can be sure we’ll want to talk about it. We will continue to strive to create unique, enjoyable, and impactful content, but we do have a small ask of you, dear reader. Please share our newsletter with those who you believe would enjoy consuming our content. Also, please engage with us by Twitter, LinkedIn, or email on topics or provide feedback so we can ensure we are delivering the most value to you.

Here’s to a great 2022!

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