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💪Tech Festivus: Airing our Grievances and Feats of Strength

'Tis the season to be jolly, or so they say. No holiday season is complete without the timeless tradition of airing our grievances! Welcome to the Festivus of Tech, where we untangle the gripes and grievances that lurk beneath the shiny surface of our beloved digital realm.

In our recent ode to the joys of technology, we basked in the glory of progress, innovation, and seamless connectivity. Today, however, we unveil the flip side of the silicon coin, where frustrations fester like holiday fruitcakes, and the ghosts of tech glitches past haunt our screens.

So, gather 'round, tech enthusiasts and skeptics alike, as we embark on a journey through the tangled cables and algorithmic pitfalls of our digital world. Prepare for a candid exploration of the annoyances that make us roll our eyes, shake our fists, and contemplate tossing our devices out the window.

Tech Jargon

The ever-evolving landscape of technology has a language of its own. We often find ourselves drowning in a sea of incomprehensible acronyms and perplexing jargon. From API to UX, it often feels like deciphering a secret code just to engage with the digital world. The relentless bombardment of tech-speak not only alienates the non-tech-savvy but also leaves even seasoned users scratching their heads. It seems the wizards of the tech realm have forgotten the magic words of simplicity and clarity. When conversations are laden with terms like ‘GPTs, 'metaverse', and 'blockchains,' the line between communication and confusion becomes blurred. Our grievance? Let's strip away the unnecessary complexity and bring back a language that speaks to all, fostering understanding rather than erecting barriers in the already complex landscape of technology.

Endless Notifications

One irksome woe rises above the cacophony of bells and whistles – the incessant onslaught of notifications. Our devices play the role of relentless party crashers, bombarding us with pings, dings, and vibrations at the most inopportune moments. From emails demanding immediate attention to social media updates that seem to believe our lives hang in the balance, the notification deluge transforms our serene digital existence into a chaotic festival of interruptions. We yearn for a quieter, more contemplative space, free from the tyranny of constant alerts. Is it too much to ask for a silent night, devoid of the incessant jingling of our pocket-sized tormentors?

Password Management

Who would have thought that as tech users in 2023 that our primary feat of strength would be navigating the labyrinthine world of password management. It seems we are condemned to a perpetual game of digital memory, where each login requires us to summon the forgotten incantations of alphanumeric strings and obscure symbols. The ceaseless demand for complex passwords and the constant admonitions to change them regularly create a password purgatory, leaving us grappling with an ever-expanding list of forgotten credentials. We must air our grievances against this Sisyphean task that requires a memory workout of a cryptographic wizard to recall the intricate dance of uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. [Pro tip: pay the money to have a secure password manager like 1Password. It will change your life.]

Auto Updates

Every computer user has wrestled with a digital gremlin that seems determined to disrupt the festivities – the ever-untimely auto-updates. Inevitably in the midst of important presentations, crucial deadlines, or, heaven forbid, a climactic binge-watch session, our devices choose these inopportune moments to declare, 'It's update time!' The audacity of our gadgets to prioritize software rejuvenation over our time-sensitive endeavors becomes a source of perpetual exasperation. Seriously, how can this still be a thing?


There’s a reason why Google is a trillion dollar company. Digital advertising is an incredible business model. Yet, our online experiences often feel like a relentless parade of marketing clamor, where every click and scroll is met with an onslaught of promotions vying for our attention. From pop-ups that refuse to be dismissed to pre-roll videos that hijack our precious seconds, the intrusion of ads has become an unwelcome guest in our digital festivities. In the spirit of Festivus, we must air our grievances against this invasive presence, yearning for a browsing experience where content reigns supreme and the incessant pitches take a backseat. Why can’t we have an online world where our attention is not constantly auctioned to the highest bidder, and our screens can be sanctuaries free from the relentless bombardment of commercial interruptions?


The biggest blessing and curse of them all – the never-ending cascade of emails. Our inboxes have transformed into battlegrounds where each notification heralds a new skirmish for attention. The relentless influx of newsletters (those that are not as valuable as this fine newsletter), promotional offers, and well-intentioned yet excessive CCs creates a vortex of communication overload. Technology has granted us the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world with a click of a button, but also the mind-numbing task of sifting through the haystack for the elusive needle of important correspondence. No spam filter in the world is sophisticated enough to free us of this burden.


As we air our grievances, we acknowledge that technology, for all its marvels, can at times make us want to smash our computers. Yet, in the spirit of Festivus, we don't just lament these technological tribulations; we look forward with hope. With a nod to simplicity, mindful communication, and user-friendly experiences, we envision a future where technology serves us more seamlessly, respecting our time and sanity. Until then, let the feats of Festivus in the tech realm continue, reminding us to navigate this digital landscape with resilience, humor, and a collective desire for improvement.

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