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  • Annand Sharma

Tech Recipe: Improve your Employee Training


Engaging and effective employee training is vital for the growth and efficiency of any business. Creating training materials can be time-consuming and often they are out of date by the time they are completed. Companies using Microsoft or Google software have access to SharePoint or Google Siteswhich allow you to create your own internal site or intranet so you can centralize information sharing with your company. While this is a great first step, there’s a way uplevel those training materials with Loom. Loom lets you create dynamic, up-to-date, and interactive training content. Loom enables you to record your computer screen, mouse clicks, and even your voice. Loom is perfect for showcasing software based workflows from data entry to complex technical procedures. If it’s done on a computer you can record the steps using Loom.

Shopping List:

  • Google Sites or Microsoft SharePoint: A simple way to create websites restricted to your employees.

  • Alternative knowledge base tools could be Slab or Notion

  • Loom: A video recording tool that allows for the creation of engaging and personal training videos.

  • Loom’s free tier lets each account record 25 videos that are up to 5 minutes long

  • If you start to find value in that you can pay $12.50 per month for users who will be creating videos - watching is free

  • Training topics: Determine the key areas where training is needed. These could range from software tutorials to company policy overviews.


  • We’ll use Loom to record training videos. These can be screen recordings showing software use, presentations, or even face-to-camera explanations. Loom has a video on how to use the Loom app here

  • The best videos are concise, clear, and engaging. Remember, the goal is to make training as interactive and understandable as possible.

  • Start by writing down the objective of the training video. 

  • Take our Banana Stand business for example. As founders, we used no code tools to create a landing page, we set up email marketing sequences, and we have Google Ad campaigns. With our growing business it’s time to hire a marketing person to manage it all. We can use Loom to make training videos for each of these topics.

  • Organize training materials by starting at the highest level such as department or organization and working down to the role on a team. Our training will go on the Marketing Team section of our internal site.

  • Keep the training up to date by regularly reviewing and updating the training content. With Loom, updating a video is as simple as recording a new one to replace the previous one.

  • After employees complete their training, gather feedback on the content and delivery. Use this feedback to improve future training.

  • Any time you make an update or a change, encourage employees to revisit the training hub regularly for updates or refresher courses. This can help foster a culture of continuous learning, development, and improvement.

By following these steps, you can create a more engaging and effective training program that is not only beneficial for new employees but also acts as a continuous resource for all staff. This approach also allows for quick and easy updates, ensuring that your training material keeps pace with changes in your business and industry.

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